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Friday, July 16, 2010

Remember When: Part II

and the reminiscing continues...

* Remember when I had my first performance as a professional dancer; dancing PADV's signature piece Returning at their 2004 ArtBeat Concert?
* Remember when I auditioned for [Awesome People] Dance Company and got offered the lead in their Christmas ballet? That same night, the class accompanist declared aloud that I had "a fire in my eyes" and "danced with so much happiness."
* Remember when V and I danced together in Bolt?
* Remember how I used to make the Pennsylvania-NYC commute several days a week just to work with a small, just-getting-started dance company?
* Remember when I danced Douglass with [Awesome People] Dance Company?
* Remember when I did that dance-on-film project down near Galveston Beach?
...I do. And I always will. My dance career has given me enough happy memories to last a lifetime.

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