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Friday, July 16, 2010

Remember When

Life after dance involves a lot of remember-whens. Remember when I was a dancer? Remember when I actually had a job, dancing for a living?

Remember when we did that film project where we danced in a live waterfall in Shawnee-on-Delaware?
Remember when I had my own dance ensemble?
Remember when a bunch of people from the dance studio came to see me dance the the titular role in 'Amahl'?
Remember when I got to dance Jose Limon's 'There Is A Time'?
Remember that night I danced at the Miller Outdoor theater and had the most wonderful night of my life?

Remember when I danced with [Multi-media Dance Company] and we did a whole show based on David Bowie's Concept album?
Remember when I had my ensemble, and we traveled to Pennsylvania to perform?
Remember when I got to do that "mattress dance" solo at the Hobby Center?

Dance has given me so many remember-whens. I will treasure them all forever.

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