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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts From Studio Rehearsals

Some assorted observations from our final rehearsals earlier this week:

* Did you ever have that teacher in junior high (it's usually a biology teacher, for some reason) who was kind of the "cool" teacher, who made the class laugh and pretty much all the kids got along with? Yeah, I think I've become that teacher. Only with ballet instead of public education.

* My dancers-- especially the ones who have been studying with me for a few years-- have learned to read my body language during rehearsals (then again: I make it really easy): If they see my grinning like an idiot, they know that things are A-OK. If I start crunching my fingers in my hair...they know that they're going to be getting some major Notes afterward.

* I got to see some students whom I haven't seen since last year...and my God, have they grown up. One of the men used be tinier than me; now I come up to his shoulders. Who used to be the "younger girls" are now teenagers. My former "beginners" are now doing double pirouettes. It's so cool to watch all the dance kids grow up year after year.

* At rehearsal yesterday, we were playing the music for the opening number (an edited-down version of "Replay" by Iyaz, if you're interested), and the studio owner came up with the idea that the teachers should pop out onstage, briefly, during part of the song. The other teachers and I decided that this HAD to be done. Oh, it is going to be so fun.

* Speaking of that...I work with some seriously magical people. I love them all.

* At one point, I poked my head into the small studio...and found my some of my older girls practicing their pointe piece together. Yay, motivated kids!

* I got to spend some time around the kids from the "baby classes," and they are all so headsplodingly delightful. I kind of miss working with the little-little ones; I'd forgotten how much fun they can be.

* If I may say something of my fellow teachers at this school: They know how to freakin' CHOREOGRAPH. And choreograph and choreograph. Every year I'm blown away by their dances.

* This whole process has been really fun and awesome.


A said...

OH, And my Mom is coming tomorrow!

Veronica Forrester said...
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