Photo Credit: Phil Wayes

Friday, April 9, 2010

Version 2.0

In early 2007, I started my own dance company. We were small and low-budget, but we were one hell of a strong ensemble. We did a fundraiser for Frenetic Theater ('Save Frenetic Theatre!', August 2007), we were the very first Hopewerks residency ('The Mad Scene'), we toured to Pennsylvania in 2008 to perform in PADV's Mountain Dance Concert. We were a magical group-- in fact, we were pretty much a family. The only way to describe our rehearsals/performances is "great"/"fun"/"awesome."

And then the economy got bad. And then everything went wrong. In January 2009, I had to close down my company due to financial reasons (after crying. Hard. A lot). It was an awful and painful thing for me to do and I hate that it ever happened. However... year and three months later, we're re-uniting. So far, that's all I know. We've got a superawesomegenerousesupercalifragilisticxpiali
docious donation of studio space (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU), I've contacted my former CSDErs, and tomorrow I'm asking two more dancers to join us (which I'll tell you about in more detail tomorrow).

I don't know what piece we're going to start with. We'll either add on to something from the "old" repertoire, or maybe we'll do something totally new. All I know is that the Cassandra Shaffer Dance Ensemble-- my baby-- is coming back. And I couldn't be happier about it.

Cross your fingers and wish us luck.