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Friday, April 16, 2010


For the last several weeks, I've been working as the assistant to the director of [Good Times] Dance Theater.* Several days a week I've gone over to her house to help out with mailings/publicity/data entry/phone calls/et cetera. [GT]DT has a performance tomorrow that features works by six different local choreographers. I've gotten a chance to see several of the pieces that will be performed, and they are all very intriguing in different ways. I will see all of them tonight... dress/tech rehearsal. I'm also doing stage-manager duty for this particular show; so in a few minutes I'm headed down to lay the the dance floor with the rest of the crew, walk through all the set/prop pre-sets, tech the dances, and then re-group for a full dress rehearsal. The performance is tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow, my day is hilarious. Witness: Leave by 8 so I can teach my classes, accompany a student to a pointe-shoe fitting, race over to another rehearsal, leave, go to the theater, do the show, strike. It is going to be a very active day.

In other news: My students are doing splendidly and progressing well; all the pieces for our spring concert are done and on their way to being performance-ready. I finally(!) finished my Corelli Concerto two weeks ago. I'm very happy with how the final piece came out-- I didn't have a really clear idea of where I wanted that piece to go at the beginning of the process, so I took my time with it, explored different ideas, and made lot of little tweaks and changes. My dancers are doing a lovely job with it, and I'm a happy choreographer.

In other-other news: It's mid-April in Houston, and you know what that means-- summertime! I dragged out my Daisy Dukes for the first time all season. This means that I can probably store all my knit dance warm-ups for another year, and that I better remember to park my car in the shade unless I want to lose skin (black leather seats, Houston, summer...well, surely you get it by now).

And now, here's your moment of Zen:
"Anybody remember when cigarettes were 50 cents a pack? Nobody does, 'cause those people are dead."
~ Dave Attel

*I considered dropping the whole "using fake names for everything I'm associated with professionally" thing that I've been doing for two years now... but I figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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