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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flashbacks: Spring Break Oh Four

***This is an entry from my old blog, dated late March/early April 2004 (or somewhere thereabouts). I was a senior at the LVPA high school (about to graduate) and I had just signed my first contract with PADV. Enjoy this little slice of 2004-life and have a wonderful Easter!***


Hey folks! What a kickass weekend. Lots to recap; brace yourself:

Friday the LVPA Performance Group brought the house down at the Moravian College Dance Concert. Talk about being the Real Deal. One of my dance teachers from outside school came to see it (Kathy M), as well as Joe Bigley (who I haven't seen in almost 2 years). All I can say is that our Tarantella kicked serious ass and we got a screaming ovation when it was over.

Saturday I had dance rehearsal in the morning and then ran around like crazy before picking up Ty for our pre-show warmup. C. Ballis was at the show that night-- I worked with her last year at Freemotion before she graduated form Moravian. I haven't seen her in almost a year, so it was really cool to run into her again. Donna B was also at the show...I can't believe she's graduating this year!

Sunday I had my first rehearsal with PADV....I signed the contract this morning so it's official now. I found out that my dance teacher Gina (who dances with PADV) used to dance with Miss L (our senior dance composition teacher] at Radford. The world gets smaller every day! Afterwards I went to Solehi to see Boys From Syracuse, but by then I was tired and speaking in gibberish. While I was there I ran into Kelcie, Julie (Hi Julie!), Senora Howard [and a couple kids whose names I don't know but who go to LVPA. After the show I got film developed, so keep your eyes peeled for pics.

I'm looking at PADVs repertoire list and wow. I mean, WOW. Some of their stuff looks amazing. And by amazing, I mean I want to dance some of this s**t right now.

I hope your weekend was a great as mine was.

That's all for now, folks. Have a wonderful Easter.
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