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Monday, December 1, 2008

Chasing the White Rabbit Down the Rabbit Hole

Contrary to what D says, I don't find that working on a story ballet production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a license to drop acid for the next six months. I mean, maybe that works for some choreographers but ugh, no thank you, not my cup of tea. I do think that working on a production of Alice is going to be a fun process nevertheless. Conceptually, there's a lot of layers to work with, which gives you a lot of different angles for your choreographic process. Character-wise, there are so many different things to explore physically (like how to create the one caterpillar out of a 12- dancer ensemble), choreographically, and in terms of character development. D and I watched Alice in Wonderland last night (with my just-came-crawling- back muse), and I got started on some of the dances after the movie. Gourmet sandwiches and merlot were also involved. It was a good night.
After the movie-watching sandwich-eating wine- drinking and dance-choreographing were done, I was finally introduced to American McGee's Alice. It's, oh wow, beautiful. The graphics and sound are superb, the concept is fantastic (well, if you enjoy dark versions of fairy tales. Which I do), even the music in the background is wicked. Mind you, I suck at computer games, so I spent more time watching D play it.....but it's awesome. I try to play it, too, and my attempts are laughable at best. I'll stick to choreographing.

Today is the first day back after the break. Class went well (Simon Ball taught, and his class is phenomenal), and I'm leaving for the studio in a little while. I'm going to try and finalize music proposals this week, and today begins the Costume Process. Whee! (What? I get to sit around looking at pictures of pretty tutus and pick out which ones I like the best. That's kind of like ballet-geek heaven for me.)

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Selly said...

That sounds amazing. I can't wait for the Tim Burton remake of Alice :)