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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My muse has returned.

Guess what? My muse came back today. Apparently, he "needed his space" and went to stay at his brother's for a few days (to "clear his head") but now he's back because his brother is really annoying and a slob to boot he "really misses" me.

I was angry. I mean, my muse walking out and leaving me here all by myself for a long weekend-- for which I already promised we would spend exploring creative territory, since I didn't have to work thus wouldn't have to rush our time together-- is appalling. I equate it with standing up a prom date. I was so tempted to tell this asshole muse to buzz off, that he's pathetic for crawling back to my doorstep drunk at three in the morning after how irresponsibly he's behaved....
....but muse and me, we're codependent on each other. I took him back with open arms.

We've spent the last several hours writing jokes and making dances together. We're very, very happy now. It's an addictive relationship, but it's how we work.


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