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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Notes from dress/tech rehearsal

Last night was our dress/tech, and it went really well. We got costumed and makeuped (and, in my case, wigged), then the five of us got onstage to through the ballet on our own before the rest of the cast joined us. We went through the big “crowd scene” (the scene with all the shepherds and the considerably large and magnificent- sounding live chorus). After we worked through there scene, we started a run. I was surprised, during a the breaks, to walk into the hallway by my dressing room and see my mom standing there (she finally made it to Houston at 6pm; I had to send Roxy and her brother to go pick her up).

We finished the run at 8:30, and it was very smooth for only being our second (yes, second) run with the full orchestra. We fixed a few musical things and were done by 9pm-- which is impressive, seeing as we were scheduled to be there until 10 or 11ish (Those of you in the industry know that a tech rehearsal that gets done early--and with all in good spirits!-- is a highly impressive anomaly).

Woke up to some serious rain-storming going on. Here's to hoping it lets up by the time I leave for the theater.

Two performances today- I’m psyched. Here goes.

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