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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

(imported from 'A Long Walk off a Short Pier')

- Last night was the first rehearsal of Amahl that involved the full cast, opera singers, and orchestra. The music. Sounds. PHENOMENAL. When the full orchestra kicked in at full volume for the climax of "He Walks," it blew the pants of me. I was without pants. Yes, that good.
-Our company director and the music director were interviewed on KUHF today. It was a really neat interview; they discussed the pathos of the story and the emphasis on difference in class and the depth of the characters, primarily the Mother. My name was mentioned in there somewhere, too. :> D, who sings Kaspar, was on air to sing "This is my Box." It was pretty nifty.
- My mom is coming to Houston to see me dance(!). TOMORROW. Provided she doesn't get iced in at Newark.
- Tomorrow = Thursday= day off? Not this time. Class, wig fitting, rehearsal, scramble-round-running-errands break, rehearsal with CSDE, then to the airport.

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