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Monday, February 11, 2008

Director's block and epic nerdery

One of my dancers visited me today, and we talked a bit about my ensemble's next project. Our time frame is short-- starting back in March and performing in June-- and I must admit that I totally feel dead-weight about what to do. I want to add on to at least one of the two pieces we did for winter, and I have one new piece in mind (I'm planning on another, because the company really wants it, but the choreographic inspiration hasn't hit me yet). A dancer friend of mine would like to set a piece, which I am thinking would be a nice change of pace/addition to our rep. At this point I'm trying to focus on getting ready to perform Company A's repertoire and getting the story ballet set on my students. The idea of a "big" concert is daunting, especially when juggling many other things.

On a different (and rather random) note, I went shopping with a JG at the giant city-within-a-city that is the Galleria. While there, we passed the ice rink and I had flashbacks to my first "performance" with Company B, when we came to the mall and danced a guerilla performance on the escalators and stairs. It was amazingly fun. Almost every memory of my first months in that company give me that "warm fuzzy feeling;" those first months my entire experience with them worth the journey 100%.
Also while shopping this afternoon, I was brought face-to-face with my underlying acute geekdom: I stood in the Houston Galleria, surrounded by the latest from the best designers in the world, drooling over a 13-inch MacBook. A 13-inch white MacBook that you can by a hot-pink protective cover for (you can make it your favorite color and it fits in your backpack! What's not to love?). I had to tear myself away before I could liberate the $1,500 for that foot-long slice of Nerd Heaven.

Anyway... now that I've gone off-topic, I should start preparing for tomorrow's classes and rehearsals (it would really, really not hurt to go over the choreography I set with last week). And now, here's your moment of Zen:
"It is absolutely necessary to make love three times a day."
- Sergei Pavlovitch Diaghilev

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