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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My trusty laptop and I are sitting here at our favorite Starbucks by the dance studio (hey, don't give me that look. Starbucks' multi-billion-dollar corporate whoredom has gotten me through some tough spots, mostly hangovers and Tech Week). What better way to keep up with fifteen-odd very-energetic children for three and a half hours than by loading up on caffeine and sugar? You're right, there is none. Well, maybe that isn't the case for most people, but for me it is.

My time with the children seems to go pretty quickly these days, maybe it's because I'm sufficiently prepared (caffeinated) to keep up with their super-high energy levels, or maybe it's because we're rehearsing material now. Six months ago I would be worn out halfway through, but now I'm able to just relax into my time with them and enjoy the work. The ballet children are doing a story ballet based off of a popular children's book, so I'll be rehearsing two of those pieces tonight. They are sweet kids and I'm glad to have built up my "teaching stamina" with them.

I felt great this morning. Took barre from one of my favorite ballet teachers, then went over to rehearsal. One of the pieces was difficult for me, but now my body has gotten use to the movement and I finally feel that I can do it well and "have fun" dancing it. Our duet feels strong, too. We rehearsed a few other pieces (to Jimi Hendrix's "The Star-Spangled Banner;" the Fredrick Douglass piece), and I managed-- for the first time since I got sick two weeks ago-- to not feel like a complete baboon during the rehearsal process. I even left the studio with my dignity intact! That hasn't occurred much in the last two weeks, but it's a welcome change.
We got to try on our costumes for There is a Time (choreographed by THE Jose Limon). I was afraid that I'd have trouble working in the long dress (I'm 5'0, so everything is long on me), but was presently surprised to find that I could move through all the choreography and partnering without stumbling over my own hem.

Well, I've stalled enough, so I'm off to the studio.

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