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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I notice that I don't often go into a whole lot of detail in my blogs when writing about the companies I'm dancing with/pieces I'm dancing in. I'm sure that's a little annoying-- being that this is a dance blog-- but for right now I'm still nervous about how I write/who reads this/what they think. Goodness knows I'm not always the most eloquent in my writing.

I throughly enjoyed my Valentine's Day. Took a really nice ballet class-- another choreographer/company director took class, and it was nice to see her. I felt bad because she invited me to audition for her newest project, but in my haze of juggling both companies/my company/the studio I never responded. In honor of Valentine's Day, I passed out Hersheys kisses with flyers to Company A's upcming performances. "Happy Valentines Day! Eat chocolate and come see out show!" Chocolate marketing-- it works better than blackmail any day. Who knew?

Rehearsal felt strong. We ran our duet for "Dream a Little Dream," which feels better every day. My partner is fabulous-- she's a great dancer, and she and I are the same size and build (and we look similar-- I could be her evil twin), which makes partnering easier.

I had a nice break in the early afternoon, had more rehearsal (only for an hour), then ran over to Houston Ballet Academy to cover the last half-hour of my friend's Creative Movement classes. I subbed for her last fall, so most of the children vaguely remembered me ...they were wonderful, all 20 of them, and it was really lovely and fun (and blissfully short).

I literally did the 5-minute quick change from dancer bum to socialite chic in the HB faculty locker room. Dress, shoes, jewelry, perfume, took my hair down, and off I went. For a speedy change (and after a day of sweating/lifting/being lifted/rolling on floors), I didn't do too badly:

I should have gone to bed an hour ago, but I've been up playing around with my new toy (more). But tomorrow is 9am ballet class and 5 hours of rehearsal, including rehearsal for the piece in which I need the most work. So, to bed with me. Happy Valentine's day, y'all.....I hope yours was as awesome as mine.


lucius said...

mmmm, somewhere in New York a frat boy is missing his punching bag.

T said...

This is a beautiful picture of you!

I miss you so much. I'm glad you had a good Valentine's day.

Oh, and the pedant in me must tell you that you've neglected to put the "d" in "anecdotes!"

*giggling and ducking*

T said...

Oh, and I'm jealous of your new toy!

Anonymous said...

you're ED is the special "man" in your life???? one in the same???

Anonymous said...
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