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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The first day after the last day/ return from Fort Worth

I'm just now noticing how your first day after the conclusion of a big project/portion of dedicated time feels. The day after you close a long-running show, or after the final performance of a particular season/ with a particular company (or, if you're a student, the day after your graduation performance). It's partially liberating, partially saddening-- you're glad to have gotten through the performance/run/season, but there's that letdown of "That's the last time I'll perform that material/work with those people/etc for a while."
I had that feeling this morning. I got home around 4am from spending the weekend in Fort Worth with Company B; last night's performance was my last time dancing with them. I expected to feel somewhat relieved-- a few extra hours in my week, fewer balls to keep in the air. Istead, I spent the morning bumming out about how weird it is to NOT be heading back to B's rehearsals tomorrow.

It was an interesting weekend. Here's the thirty-second recap: We left Houston at 7:30 Friday morning, drove to Ft. Worth, arrived at the theater for tech rehearsal, notes, more rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and an 8:00 performance. Saturday we visited the Botanical Gardens, split up (three of us plus our directors visited a true southern flea market), met back up at the theater, took a very nice ballet class together, and did last-minute rehearsals before curtain. Left immediately after the performance and came back.
Perhaps one day I will actually post about the performances themselves. Some things I don't have the words for, some things feel too personal to post, and some things I'm just very slow about (you all know how I procrastinate). Today, though, I've got that weird first-day-after-the-last-day vibe. Tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

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