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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cold rehearsals, early mornings, and upcoming breaks

Rehearsal last night was challenging. We rehearse in an uninsulated metal building, which felt similar to dancing outside temperature-wise. Even though we're in Houston (Fifty-seven degrees in February), our bodies didn't stay warm after the space heater gave out. Dancing is remarkably more difficult when you can't feel your toes and your muscles are tightening up from the cold.

I woke up at six this morning, greeted by a small army of newly-acquired bruises and tense back muscles. I stayed in the hot hot shower for what seemed like ages; slowly waking up and realizing that I'm leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow and have a lot to accomplish before then. I watched the sun rise as I did my laundry and took care of a plethora of other things I've been putting off for days. I'm a little amazed at my own productivity this early.

I have a little break coming up after Company B returns from Dallas, if you can call it that. I bowed out of their next production (I'll be appearing on film only) so I could have more time to delegate to my other three projects. It's nothing against Company B (I really should call them something else, hmm?)-- Lord knows I will miss them-- but I'm looking forward to a little extra Time.
It took me a good long time to justify to myself that I need this little mini-break (I'm still going to be dancing seven days a week, mind you) and that it's okay to take it. My tendency-- I'm sure I'm not alone-- is to be as active as possible so that I know my career is healthy and moving. After all, to quote former NYCB dancer Toni Bentley, "Where is the proof that one is a dancer unless one is dancing?" But if last weekend's health fiasco is any indication, sometimes one needs to slow down.

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