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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cross-company dancing

Today we rehearsed at a studio in the West University district and took company class with the city's foremost Christian dance company. We started off with a group prayer, which was amazingly centering and calming and reminded me so much of my days with Spirit Moves, when the seven of us would sit in a circle and pray together.

One of the dancers from the company (the contemporary ballet group I dance with; let's call it "Company A") mentioned that he was attacked last night. He brought it up in prayer-- and rather nochalantly, which shocked allus . He then told us how he had been in prayer right before it happened and was in such a positive state of mind... and that made him able to get back on his feet today ("There's so much work to be done," he said). We are all amazed at his strength and resilience after such a horrifying event (Although I still want to put him up in a safer neighborhood).

One of the girls from that company taught a very nice class. Her movement felt wonderful in my body. I started feeling inspired to choreograph again, which was comforting (my muse, apparently, went out for coffee and never came back). Hopefully I can get my ensemble back in the studio in a few weeks.

Rehearsals went very well; it was a very productive morning. We finished learning one piece and ran through others that are already finished. The finished dances are feeling cohesive, and we left rehearsal in relatively good spirits.

I was surprised at how tired I felt after rehearsal (to be fair, we had just danced for four hours). My lofty ideas of walking down to the cafe for lunch, doing housework and hitting the gym were swiftly put on the back burner (but I did clean up the apartment, so A for Effort. One out of three ain't bad, folks!) I sat on my bed and read my books until I could summon the energy to go make coffee and get some cleaning done.

In thirty minutes (is it really only thirty minutes? Where does the time go?) I'll be out the door for Round Two, company ballet class and rehearsal for the modern/dance-on-film company (let's call them Company B, as I'd rather not post my employer's names on the 'net just yet). We are traveling to Dallas this weekend to perform as part of the Pilot Dance Festival, and tonight is our dress rehearsal.

And now, here's your moment of Zen:
"When I look back on this last year, it's like, what was I thinking?"
- Actress Lindsey Lohan; quote courtesy of the Associated Press

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