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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have had, as predicted, had the most amazing weekend ever.
Here are some of the highlights:
- riding to the airport in a Mercedes Stretch SUV with my dancers and having our own Almost Famous moment (you know the scene where Stillwater is on the tour bus singing along to 'Tiny Dancer?' It was similar to that, except we were in a limo singing along to Aerosmith). My dancers brought an ice cream cake and sang "Happy Birthday"-- how awesome are they?
- The inside joke of the century: "WE ARE NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS."
- Bringing all my dancers to the "new" PADV East Stroudsburg, having them meet Maria and Mike, doing a ballet class and having rehearsal.
- Taking everyone to The Crossing to go shopping; my mom joining us. Later having dinner at the Dansbury Depot with all of the above plus my two aunts/uncles and Chad.
- The mini-tech, seeing all the people I've danced before (at PADV, plus in Spirit Moves/Dancescapes/KMSD.
- The performance itself, getting a screaming ovation and a wonderful reception for 'Mad Scene,' dancing in 'Returning' for the first time in three years. Both felt like the ultimate dream come true.
- Doing headstands in Newark airport while waiting for the air train (at four in the morning).
- One of my dancers found out she was pregnant minutes after the limo dropped us off-- in my apartment. It was really special-- a blessed ending to a blessing of a weekend.

There's more. There's so much more. But I barely slept, and I'm tired, and my apartment is trashed and I don't care. I'm blowing off everything until my 6:30 rehearsal in favor of staying home, getting much needed SLEEP, and reflecting on the utter amazing-ness of the weekend.

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