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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little about me: the right now

Age: 21
City: Residing in Houston, Texas
Work: Dancing with two professional companies: One that does contemporary ballet and one that does modern dance and dance on film. Two days a week I teach and choreograph at a studio outside the city.
School: Penn Foster College (a distance-learning school), Early Childhood Education.
On the side: My own small contemporary ballet ensemble, which has been around for a little over a year now. When one of the companies (or the studio) is on a break, I teach for an early-childhood program.
Current Projects: In order: A mini-tour to Pennsylvania with my company, a mini-tour to Dallas with one of the companies. Multiple performances with the other company. A story ballet with the students at the studio. The only reason I have time to write this is because I'm procrastinating hardcore. School is temporarily on hold.
A Typical Day: Coffee, class or a morning rehearsal. A decently long mid-day break (typically spent procrastinating), then most evenings I'm off to another rehearsal or to the studio. Nights I soak in a hot bath and read a book, lest I be sore the next day.
Major Players: R and S, company directors. JH, studio owner. R2, good friend and confidant. JG, my boyfriend an number-one fan, who has made a lot of things happen for my company. T, best friend who decided to be witty and live all the way in Portland, OR. M, former company director and good friend. And my dancers, of whom there are six-ish, and who Make Good Stuff Happen onstage, and to whom I'm eternally grateful.


Tree said...

Ah, my dear, 'tis much easier to keep track of your cyber-activities and whatnot now that I can track you on the Google Reader, something that I look at frequently throughout the work day.

I miss you so very, very much and think of you often. You must plan a visit. I'm saving up my vacation time.

We definitely need to find a way to connect via the phone or mental powers so we can properly catch up. In the meantime, I'll have to be happy with this cyberspace.

Oh, and you have a new boyfriend? I'm your best friend, dammit, I need the details!!! Why wasn't I sent a memo??!!

Okay, more later. I must get enough work tasks done so I can get back to slacking properly.

Love you much.

Anonymous said...
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