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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going halfway across the country, coming full circle

This past weekend I brought my dance ensemble to perform in the Mountain Dance Concert, an annual event hosted by PA Dance Vision in East Stroudsburg, PA.

The effect, for me, was the feeling that time had flown in reverse, stopped on a dime, then sped forward. My past and my present were not only connecting but dancing a lavish pas de deux together.
There I was with my dancers, the people who I've come to know and work with over the last year and a half; introducing them to the people that I met before I'd even graduated out of ballet school. One of the girls that I danced with in PADV (who was my dance teacher, prior to that) was there with her dance company-- one of her dancers went to ballet school with me; another danced with me in Spirit Moves Dance Minsitry (both of them danced in a film project of mine as well).
The big moment happened at the end of the concert, when the PADV Repertory Ensemble did their signature piece, Returning. And I-- having just performed in two of my own works-- danced with them, for the first time in three years. At the very end I partnered with the artistic director, Maria; someone who is not only my former boss but my good friend and a great inspiration.

I was surrounded by friends of both yesterday and today; the memories of time with PADV swirling as I created new memories of my ensemble and their first performance "on tour."
It was my own personal Moment of coming full circle, three years and sixteen hundred miles later.
The Ensemble
My dancers rehearsing in PADV's studio.

The end of Returning.
PADV in Returning

p.s. there will be many more acedotes about my ensemble's trip to Pennsylvania. Be prepared.

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