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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Laid up for a day

I typically use this blog to post my memories and observations of life as a dancer/choreographer, and I had intended today to start writing my thoughts and observations of rehearsal and performance processes.

However, I cannot do that today because I < -gasp- > did not dance today. Yes, you read correctly. Alert the media. After three weeks of non-stop rehearsals, classes, and performances, my body gave me the middle-digit salute and went on strike. It resulted in me cutting short my ballet rehearsals with the children, missing the opportunity to see St. Petersburg Ballet's Carmen (for which we had tickets), spending the better part of last night in Urgent Care, and missing two--two!-- rehearsals today.

Yes, I have learned a valuable lesson-- bodies need at least one day to rest- one day per week, not one day every three weeks. Hopefully next time it won't take a round of chest x-rays and an EKG to drive that point home. Until then, I'm home, reading through my collection of dance publications, letting my body recover, and getting ready to jump back into the swing of things tomorrow morning.

And now, here's your moment of Zen:
"Burnouts: Because having enough brain cells and good health are burdens some can live without."
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Scott said...

Glad you liked "burnouts"...I was inspired when I saw the picture I used for it!