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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at Upstage Left: A Post of Epic Proportions

- Morning = ballet class at Hope Stone (with the rest of my ensemble:>), followed by Starbucks with the girls, followed by an insane amount of me running around doing lastminute things and pulling m hair out. Moving on to:
- [BUTTERFLY DANCE ENSEMBLE] HOPEWERKS SHOWING. Oh-my-God, beautiful. The Mad Scene was flawless, Building Nothing went way better than I expected, Aly's solo was wonderful as always, and we got a lot of good feedback. People loved the dances, and both new pieces got way more positive reposes than I'd imagined.
- Afterwards: A mini-party for the dancers, chez moi. Lots of inside jokes, "wrastlin" on my Fun Chair, "decorating" my friend's husband when he fell asleep in my living room, and the piece de resistance: exploding champagne. It was exquisite.
- Went out with JG to a club on the northwest side, where I got considerably imbibed and spent an half hour chatting with an old friend in the ladies room (of all places); then the three of us took over the dance floor for several hours.
- Came home and was given presents by JG ... which I opened, but I only recall a couple of them by now (It'll be a surprise all over again when I get home!).
- Took a cold shower, scrubbed off Wili makeup and managed to get the dred wax (yes, dred wax) out of my hair.
- Packed. Except by "packed," I mean "threw a bunch of random shit into two suitcases, prayed I didn't forget anything important, and called it a night."
- Slept on couch. Order of the Phoenix was playing in my DVD player (and had been since the party), and I didn't bother to turn it off. I can now recite the entire movie line for line.

- Woke up (at 4am), did last-minute packing, rode to airport with JG, craved french fries in my post-drunken state.
- Lamented the severe lack of french fries available in Hobby airport at 5am, read tabloid magzines until it was time to board ("Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant" was on the cover of five different magazines).
- Slept on plane, occasionally watched the TV in front of me. Landed at JFK . Took a cab ride to Manhattan, during which I thought about how much I don't miss New York and how I'm so glad I don't live/work there anymore.
- Climbed into Mike 'n' Maria's car at 125th and Riverside, rode into Stroudsburg. Wandered Stroud Mall while waiting for Mama Butterfly's arrival. Reunited with Mama B and drive down the mountain in atrocious rain.
- Last- minute shopping at Wal-Mart. Which was quite a production, because you've never seen rednecks in action until you've gone to Wal-Mart (or the Stroud Mall) in Middleofnowhere, PA 2 days before Christmas.

Let me just say that I am SO GLAD to be home for the holidays, and equally glad to have a week of vacation. This will give me time to think about our spring rep, which I REALLY need to get going on. I will Poast Moar later. Until then: it's good to be back.

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