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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Notes from a glorious Saturday

-- My Saturday (which, in my mind, is still "today") was pretty fabulous and not at all as stressful as anticipated. Let's take a look:
-- It was THE most gorgeous day outside (sunny and seventy-two degrees). I drove out to the school, taught ballet and pointe (and wore those poor advanced girls out), then proceeded to spend my lunch hour sitting outside Panera re-reading First Love.
-- In the afternoon, I had the first rehearsals for [our story ballet], and they went beyond swimmingly: I set an entire scene (which I choreographed almost completely on the spot, thnxmuch) and half of a second one. The kids at [the school] do a lot of musical theater, and it shows... The three principals and the three other soloists I rehearsed today really brought their parts to life. I was equally amazed to see my quiet, composed advanced student tear across the stage and portray her role as the villan with such conviction. Sometimes, it's hard to believe they're just kids.

-- Afterwards JG and I had dinner at Carrabas, then came back to my place and watched Return to Oz until I announced that I was ready for bed (notice that I'm still awake and writing this. Curious). Now I'm thinking about tomorrow: master class and rehearsal. A fellow dancer asked me today if I'm quitting [Company B]. I said Maybe, I dunno, we'll see. I'm really straddling the fence at this point.

-- For now, I'm sufficiently worn out and finally ready to sleep. See ya later, gator.

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