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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letters We're Writing

Hello, folks! It's been a while, no? Sorry, there just hasn't been a whole lot to write about--well, until this week, that is....

This blog will no longer cover my adventures with the [Awesome People] Dance Company. So, say hello to your mid-season replacement, the [Good Times] Dance Theater. If you blog-stalk me enough, you might remember that I started working with them in the fall....but then, the day we were supposed to premeier the work (on an outdoor stage), Houston actually had snow (I know, right?). The show is now re-scheduled to premier in March, and the first rehearsals of the year just started.

The great thing is that I get to dance with some great people whom I've worked with before-- including A, the great gal who played my Mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors. And Frank is also working with [Good Times] Dance Theater (but in a different piece), so I saw him yesterday at rehearsal and we got a chance to chat and catch up. I miss dancing with that guy, he's wonderful.

I was really surprised at how quickly the material came back to me, and the movement seems to "flow" better in my body this time around (if that makes sense to anybody). SD made some modifications to the choreography and gave me really great feedback. I explored a few different ways of interpreting of my character, and I feel so much stronger in the role than I did last time. I can't really explain it, but the choreography seems to jive a lot better with my body, compared to two months ago. It was really, truly an awesome rehearsal.

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