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Friday, December 18, 2009

The End of the Beginning.

Amahl and the Night Visitors opens tomorrow. In twenty-four hours, to be exact.

Lying in bed this morning, I realized that I've spent the past few days feeling the same way I did in the days leading up to Best in Ten-- a mix of excitement and anxiety; anticipation with a touch of nail-biting nerves. Sure, I've done this ballet before; sure, I love this role; sure, healing from injury has helped tremendously-- but at the same time, this is my last performance with this dance company and I want to go out on the highest note imagineable. It's the titular role, the central protagonist-- it was also the first role I performed with [Awesome People] Dance Company, and now it will be the last.

You can see why I really want this to go well.

We had our final in-studio rehearsal today. I realized, upon signing in at the theater, that I am going to kind of miss that place (I'm sure I'll be back to see shows there, though). Rehearsal itself felt good-- both yesterday's run and today's felt strong and were, well, just plain old fun. I felt myself dissolving into Amahl, full of energy and spirit and imagination. R plays Kaspar the Deaf King-- the same role he did last time around-- and he and I have really developed a strong rapport between our characters (probably doesn't hurt that he and I are buddies in real life). I love watching Melchoir, he's so beautiful and engaging as a dancer. E and Frank are so so super cute as the Shepherd Duet-- they have a wonderful connection to each other, and their combined abilities really light up the hell out the stage.

In a few hours I leave for The Theater for dress rehearsal. We perform four shows, starting tomorrow; AT and I will perform two of them (but we'll be in the theater for all four, of course. You know, just in case/God forbid). We're performing Saturday matinee and Sunday evening-- the first and the last.

Here goes.

"Have you seen a Child the color of earth, the color of dawn?"

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