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Friday, December 4, 2009

Cue up the Snow Theme...

May I have your attention, please?

It is snowing in Houston, Texas.

No, that is not a misprint. This happened last December, too, but here in Houston the very mention of "snow" sends everyone into a tizzy. As a Pennsylvania girl, I spent the first twenty years of my life seeing lots of snow every single winter. When I heard that it was supposed to "snow" in Houston, I was unimpressed and every kind of annoyed (it's cold, it's wet, it's slushy, ew).

But when I woke up this morning and saw the flakes coming down, I was actually pretty excited. Big puffy flakes were falling from the sky but not really sticking to anything, so it was just a pretty, Christmas-y scene. There was much excitement when I got to rehearsal-- everyone just kept talking about the snow the snow the snow, and did you hear? Snow! Our director would occasionally go open the door to see what the weather was, and all of us would crowd around her to exclaim about wow, it's really coming down!/hey, it's sticking to the palm trees!/isn't it pretty?/isn't it crazy?/what has science done? (that last one was me, as you can probably tell)

Rehearsal went well. I felt really strong today, and I feel like myself and The Mother have developed a strong connection in our characters. We had a pretty small group (a few out sick), but we were all in high spirits, and it was a productive rehearsal. Driving back wasn't as scary as I expected*, and Mr. Sozeberg and I exclaimed over how pretty the nieghborhood is and how we should totally watch Pine Barrens in honor of the snow day.

Know what else is totally appropriate to watch on a snowy day? The snow scene from The Nutcracker! Enjoy this version, from Walnut Hill's 2007 production.

Stay warm, y'all.

P.S. Needless to say, we aren't performing Letters You Wrote tonight. These are not ideal conditions for dancing barefoot on an outdoor stage.

*Look, it's been three years since I've had to drive in snow. I'm a little rusty, okay?

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