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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tonight's post will be short-- because let me tell you, internet, I am EXHAUSTED.

Yesterday I began rehearsals for Letters You Wrote. It's to the text of a Christmas letter written in 1961 by the wife of a minister. I'm having a great time with the character, and I already feel the movement becoming more natural in my body. It's modern-- and I'm a ballet girl-- but I'm adapting. And our choreographer is wonderful. She's got such a positive, patient, and all-around humanitarian way about her. She's so great to work with.

I'll write more later. Until then--I'm worn out. Catch you later, internet.

Edited to add: I'm really feeling for my neighbor right now. Here's the link to the KRPC news story (he came over last night and today. Poor guy!).

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