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Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Much to Talk About, So Little To Say

OR: Things I considered writing a blog post about.

1. The Amahl process.

2. The fact that I killed four pointe shoes in three days.

3. Teaching and why I love my kiddos.

4. Skater's Waltz and the process of that; or maybe the fact that the student company was voted "Best Dance Company in Katy" by a local publication (yeah!).

5. Blisters. Lots of them.

6. How I got stuck in a massive storm on the way home from teaching; ended up waiting out the storm at a hotel with a bunch of folks my age from a travelling Mag Crew (which has nothing to do with dance, but it's a cool story).

7. Why I want to make a dance to that song "Do the Barrel Roll." (Look, I don't know, okay?)

8. The two new ballets I'm creating.

9. How pulling a ten-hour day (and getting stuck in a storm) has completely eaten my brain, rendering me completely incapable of writing a coherent blog post.

Day four of Amahl week tomorrow. We're getting close!

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