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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Crutch, One Shoe

While was showering this morning, I thought to myself "Wow, that underarm is feeling a little tender. Huh. Must be from the crutch."

That's right folks-- it's Amahl and the Night Visitors season!

Here's how my last two days have gone down: Ballet class at 9:30, then Frank and I drive over to the theater for rehearsals with P--- a long-time James Sewell Ballet dancer who is setting the ballet on us (I love working with P, she set the ballet on us two years ago and is fourteen kinds of awesome). LP and I are sharing the role of Amahl, and two new dancers are sharing the role of the Mother. I love them all--they're so wonderful to work with. I'm already feeling a wonderful stage chemistry with A, who plays "my mom."

The only dancers not double-cast are the three wise men wise guys kings and the page. Two of the Kings I have not worked with before, but they are beautiful dancers (and one of them looks exactly like Furio Giunta. And he's so great) (and he looks like Furio Giunta). I'm slightly incredulous as to how my body remembers choreography that my brain has forgotten-- it's been two years since I last danced this ballet, but something about hearing the music and being in the space with the other dancers helps bring it back into my muscles. Not to mention? It's so fun. SO FUN. I'm starting to think that if there's one role out there that's perfect for me, it has to be this one. I just love every second of it.

So, we're two days in and I'm loving this process. I'm getting re-acquainted with the crutch, the feeling of wearing only one pointe shoe, and the sign language. I've killed two pointe shoes in two days and I don't even care-- I threw a few extra pair in my dance bag and I'm ready for round three tomorrow.

"How far? How far, my crystal star?"

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