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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reporting In!

So. We're only four days into the season. How's it been going?

First off: Rehearsals for the company started Wednesday. It was very nice. We're working on a new ballet, and we have a new dancer among us who is very lovely and nice to work with. Our new ballet involves dancing with lit candles, so I kept mumbling: "Note to self: do not light hair on fire." Because, you know, that would be kind of awkward.

Thursday I went back to teaching. My first class was Ballet 1B. We had the small studio for the first part of class. I came in early and was excited to see that the barres were already set up in Studio B, including the small barre-- my "teacher barre!" Yay! The studio has also been slightly re-decorated, which is always nice. I have 18 kids in my class (Eight. Teen. Eighteen!), but they were all very sweet, and several parents told me that "[my daughter] is really excited that you're going to be her ballet teacher!" Aww. Yay!
Remember how I was really worried about rush-hour traffic? Well, I bolted out of the studio at 5:45 (saying over my shoulder "I gotta be downtown in an hour, cross your fingers that traffic cooperates!"). Well, I made in 40 minutes... and that included the complex ordeal of Trying To Park. I even got there early enough to get my wine on and get a seat for the Dance Talks. And of course, I already told you that Manon was lovely.

Friday: Rehearsal! The Musical.

Today: Taught my "Open" ballet class (a multi-level class), which was another big class. I had a great time-- these are the kids I can really push and challenge, and they're so enthusiastic and hard-working. Our school principal came in to take pictures for a while, too. My now-second-year pointe students are now taking hour-long pointe classes (their first year of pointe is only half an hour), and they're doing well. Oh, and we're going to reprise my Skater's Waltz from last season; casting for that begins soon (My boss and I also discussed how one year ago today, we were all under water).

That's all I got for now, folks. Have a great Saturday night-- I know I'm going to. :-)

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