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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Checking Out.

This is my last day here in River Oaks.

Three hours from now, I will be moving in to my new condo. I probably won't update for a while, as I will be sans internet for a few weeks. That means no blogging, no e-mail, no facebook, no twitter, and worst of all, NO 4CHAN. Gah. How will I ever survive?

This is it, folks. I'm packing my stuff, loading my car, deleting my /b/ folder from my roommate's computer. Speaking of which, I will miss my roommate like CRAZY. I'll be back here all the time to hang out with him, but...still. I'm sad to be leaving this place.

Feel free to leave me lots of pretty blog comments and e-mails for me to come back to. In the stay classy, internet.

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