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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Odds and Ends from a Wednesday Evening

Here's just a smattering of different notes on various subjects:

1. Got to class early enough to get a parking spot this morning; stretched out and had a nice class (we did a gorgeous traveling waltz. Gorgeous).

2. When I flipped over that table last month, it didn't really damage my foot aside from some bruises and a bump on my right arch... and now that the bruisings gone, the bump just makes my arch looks even higher. I was actually kind of pleased with it, except now the bump is finally starting to shrink. Sigh.

3. Earlier tonight I went to a rehearsal for a show we're performing this weekend. It's a thirty-minute comedic musical called Pain, Pleasure, and a Bunny Rabbit.* The actors and singers play a family, and the dancers play animals (I'm the monkey) (No, really). It's very fun, and it's hysterical as all get-out. Making a monkey dance was fun. Tomorrow is tech, and the show is Friday and Saturday. Wheee!

4. I'm familiar with a lot of the dancers-- some of us danced in the same company together for a long time, the others I've worked with once or twice. They're a great group of dancers, I'm happy to be working with them all.

5. Also: Rehearsals for fall show are coming up; the same week that the studio opens for fall. Yaaaaaay!

6. Last but certainly not least: Rather than type out an entire parapgraph, I'm just going to point you in the direction of this post from last year and tell you that I am feeling superluckyhappy right now. :-)

*The show's tagline is "No actual rabbits will be harmed or pleasured."

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