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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, It's Such a Perfect Day.....

I went to ballet at Hope Stone this morning for the first time in way, way too long (I've been in Katy or at Houston Ballet Academy the last few months). It was so wonderful to go back-- in addition to seeing all the Hope Stone folks, I bumped into a lot of dancer-buddies who I haven't seen in a long time-- Giselle (from my dance ensemble), E, our company director, and my former dance partner and great old friend V (you guys remember V, right?).
I had a really nice class from a great teacher-- one of the few male teachers and one of the few Vagonova teachers in the city. Jane (Jane! Jane is awesome) took class, and she was hilarious and awesome as always. For ninety minutes, I was happy, free, a boundless ball of energy rocketing around in black tights and the world's gnarliest ballet shoes. My pirouettes didn't feel as solid as the did on Friday, but damned if I cared-- I was too busy enjoying myself.

After class, I stayed after chatting with some friends, and V and I headed out to have lunch together. We talked for a long time about life, dance, and the life of a dancer: We reminisced about our time together in the [Awesome People] Dance Company (We danced in There is a Time together! He partnered me in Bolt! I kind of beat him up in the first incarnation of the Fredrick Douglass ballet!), we talked about our experiences in our careers and how they changed us. We talked about project's we're working on and projects that we're about to start. We talked about friends, emotions, and healing. And we ate some awesome Mexican food in the process. We talked for over an hour, and made plans to have coffee after class on Thursday (P.S. I've decided to make Hope my home for the rest of the summer, because I almost forgot about how straight-up awesome that place is).
It's not even 3 o'clock yet, but so far this has been a lovely day full of friends, happiness, and dancing. And I have it no other way.

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