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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flashbacks: The Ailey School, 2003 (Part One)

Musings written while attending the Ailey School Professional-Division summer intensive program; Summer 2003.

~ Today was cool. I had a really nice morning class, even though it was Balanchine technique (which I am VERY BAD AT). During my afternoon break, I made the trek to STEPS On Broadway and took Ms. Modelski's ballet class. Which, by the way, was freaking awesome. I was at the barre was at next to a professional Broadway dancer! AND a Twyla Tharp dancer! Oh, and I broke in my new pointe shoes, too…but still, DANCING NEXT TO REAL LIVE PRO DANCERS, YAY.

~ [One of our guy friends] was just over here. He danced around/did a faux-striptease around our apartment; one that included doing his "Spiderman dance".... in the window to... "All that Jazz."
Shortly thereafter he, [my roommate], and myself started dancing and singing along to "Cell Block Tango." At top volume. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we gave our neighbors a show.

~ Class this morning was amusing. We were in [A certain instructor... who was actually pretty awesome]'s ballet class. I was at the barre with students from French-speaking students from Canada. One of the girls said to [French-speaking Guy], "You should ask [the instructor] a question in French, see how she reacts."
Well, he did just that. The other girl and I attempted not to laugh... that is, until Miss [instructor] turned around and said to the class "[That guy] just asked a very good question. By the way [guy], how did you know I that speak French?" He (being TOTALLY flabbergasted) replied with "umm...uh...I just guessed?" I giggled about that one for the rest of the DAY.

~ Sign on a mirror in the girl's locker room at Ailey:
"ATTENTION STUDENTS! Please do not wash your feet in the bathroom sinks."
... Only here.

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