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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dance, Film, and Destruction of Property

On Friday, I met up with some lovely fellow dance folks to work on a dance/film project. The film (which I won't state the name of just yet-- not until it is completed) addresses the love/hate dichotomy of relationships where differences in culutre and race are concerned.

Before we got into movement, we sat and discussed how some of our own relationships have been affected when our cultural upbringing vastly differs from our partners. It was a really interesting discussion! Everyone had really interesting and/or profound things to say. I started to see that-- culture, race, and orientation aside-- sometimes it just boils down to individual personality.

We got to moving. I danced with a great gal (I'll refer to as "N") who I haven't danced with before; P danced with J. The filmmaker watched us for a while, then stepped in to give us motives and scenarios to dance out. At one point, he came up to N and me and gave us scenario that would take place in a domestic setting, like a kitchen or a living room. He took us back to the lounge/kitchen area in the the studio, and we danced in there, on and around the couches. In the middle of the little lounge, there was a rather large coffee table made out of thick glass.

During that process, I learned that I am capable of flipping over a coffee table and breaking it in half-- with one foot.

I was dancing on one of the couches. I went to jump off, using a move similar to a floor leap, when the top of my arch caught the bottom of the table.

*Footslam, tablesmash, loud crash.*


Okay, so that part was a bit embarassing (although a few people who saw it kept saying "That's awesome," so I guess it wasn't all bad, and we all laughed about it). But aside from was a really neat experience. I'm looking forward to the next step in this project.

But next time, I'm staying away from anything remotely breakable.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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