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Monday, May 18, 2009

Flashbacks: Dance Conventions, Dates, & Cute Kids

This was written this past October, when I attended the Tremaine Dance Convention with the studio.

The Tremaine convention is going to be held in the Houston Galleria, and last night everyone from the Seriously Awesome Dance Studio met up at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Afterwards, we had a rehearsal of all the pieces that would be performed at the competition the following night.

I was to have a date that night, a date in the typical dancer-girlfriend fashion: "Um, so, like, we have this big convention this weekend, and we're performing tomorrow night; so we have a rehearsal today. You'll see me whenever that's over." Being a dancer means that there is no such thing as "I'll pick you up at eight."

Anywho! I had one piece in the competition, after it was rehearsed I discreetly asked our principal if I could leave for the evening.
Me: Madame Noelle, do you need me for anything?
Mme. Noelle: Nope.
Me: Would you mind if I left? I sort of have a date this evening.
Mme. Noelle: Nope, not at all. Hey, everybody, say 'bye' to Miss Butterfly. She has a DATE!
Everyone in the room: WOOOO! *applause*
Me: *blush*

As I was leaving, one of my students came up to me, put her hands on my shoulders, and looked me square in the eyes:
Her: You have a date?
Me: Yes.
Her: What's his name?
Me: His name is Kyle.
Her: Is he nice?
Me: His is VERY nice.
Her: GOOD.

(By the way, this girl is about 8 or 9 years old.)

When I arrived at the convention this morning, I had some 'splainin' to do: The same student came up to me, put a hand on my shoulder, and asked "How was your date?"
Me: It was good.
Her: Did you have fun?
Me: Yup.
Her: Good thing.

Moral of the story: My kids are completely awesome.

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