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Thursday, February 5, 2009

List-o-mania: Weird Injuries and Alternate Monikers

Weird Ways to Hurt Oneself While Dancing:
1. Crushing a Knuckle. Yesterday I was doing a forward roll out of a headstand in rehearsal for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. No big, done it many many many times in the past without incident-- except for last night, which was the one time I neglected to move my hands in time. Yeowza.

2. Bruising. Oh, this one's a no-brainer. My current bruise count is at 10-- most are on the lower part of my left leg, but I also have two on my ribcage, one on my hipbone, and one in a place you don't get to see unless you buy me dinner first. However, the best was when I got armpit bruises (yes, armpit. Bruises!) last season. It was worth it, though-- I'd do those ballets again in a heartbeat, bruises or not.

3. Stomach-jamming. If you go into a "bluebird" lift with too much gusto and not quite the correct angle, your stomach will be lodged behind your left lung for a week.

4. Unidentified debris in eyeballs. I don't know how to properly explain this, other than that "kicking up the dust" can be applied literally when people are dancing vigorously. Something ended up in my eye somewhere in the course of our pas de deux today, and I haven't been able to get my contact lenses back in since.

Nicknames I've Been Addressed By In The Last Week:
1. Little Missy
2. Little Miss Muffet

3. Little Miss Sunshine

4. Mary Sunshine

5. Mini Cooper
(my favorite!)

I love it. If I were being called, say, "Little Miss Assmunch" I'd be concerned, but who doesn't want to be "Little Miss Sunshine?" Although since there seems to be a running theme, I'm wondering if I should change my blog name to "Little Miss [Something]." Input?

Also, the dance company has a show in two weeks. I'd encourage you to come see it, but I don't want you guys to stalk me, so....go see every dance show in Houston that takes place two weeks from now, fill up your dance-tank, and inadvertently watch me dance. Then again, I only have one stalker that I know of, and she knows where I dance anyway. Also, you are all dead to me if you don't go see this.

Peace out, y'all,
~ L. M. [Something]

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