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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rehearsals + rehearsals; blogging about blogging

It started out as a pretty slow weekend for dance over here in Upstage Left, but things are picking up:
Sunday I had my first rehearsal of the year with my dance ensemble, and it was awesome. I finally finished a piece that I started in AUGUST (yes, as in, five-months-ago August), and it looks fabulous. There were midgets, there were hookers, there was much fabulous dancing, and there was one really happy dance director community organizer at the end of rehearsal. Even better-- that dance is REALLY intense and aerobic, so it would stand to reason that Sunday's rehearsal canceled out Friday/Saturday's sitting on my chubby bedonkadonk being a bum. You may agree or you may not, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Monday I taught and rehearsed with my kiddos. My Level IIIs-- and I normally adore that group, those kids are the bomb dot com and I love working with them-- finished learning their new piece last night. Last night, as in "their third rehearsal (each rehearsal has been an hour long or less, by-the-way)." I was super happy with them; plus it really didn't hurt that they kept saying "I love this dance! Woohoo! Let's do it again!" Aww, yay.

Today I get online and see that NFUL has been mentioned in DanceHunter's Year-End Wrap-Up! In case there's some confusion as to what that means, let me clear up a few things: 1. At the start of a new year Dancehunter's N. Wozny interviews herself about the dance/theater/writing goings-on of the past twelve months (in fact, today's Moment of Zen came from last year's selfterview). 2. I've always thought the "interviewing yourself" idea was pretty cool. I haven't tried it because I'm a little too schizo and all the voices in my head would start asking questions/answering at once, a fight would break out, and it would start to sound like an episode of 'The Real World.' 3. Getting mentioned in said wrap-up? Is totally awesome.**

That said, I just spent an hour in the workout room; I'm about to go to ballet class and teach Horton/rehearse with the kids. The day is young, let's see how it goes.

And's your moment of Zen!
"Favorite moment on 'So You Think You Can Dance?' "
"Hasn't happened yet, but it goes like this, they pick a genre out of the hat and it reads 'Judson Church.'"
- N. Wozny

*Except by "midgets and hookers" I actually mean "Chex Mix and Stravinsky music."
**I spent an entire paragraph blogging about blogging and how bloggers can write blogs where they answer their own questions. That may or may not be too much meta for one post.

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A said...

Awesome note on the DanceHunter! Congrats!
Love You, Miss You! God Bless!

P.S. Cawl yer mutha!