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Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Week: in Fifteeen Ramblings or Less (part two!)

1. I want you all to know that yes, I made it through the first week back without breathing into a paper bag. Got through Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday taking class, teaching class, working, and setting choreography without Freaking The Frack Out. Except for that one time, but as we all know That One Time of freaking out is a freebie.... especially after a two-week break; because a lot of people freak out their first day back in the dance world after a sabbatical, so that shouldn't be held against us.

2. I discovered on Monday that I have something in common with my pre-school/kindergarten kids. And that is this:

3. You know how during "free dance" or "improv time"-- or even during the structured time-- your little pre-school ballerinas will hear your music & immediately yell out "This is from 'The Wiggles!' or "This is from 'The Backyardigans!'".....

4. I'm the same way. See, the other day, my boss was listening to music by Tchaikovsky and Minkus and I kept running into the office yelling "Oh, this is the 'Peasant Pas de Trois' from 'Swan Lake!'" "This is the Spanish variation!" "This is that evil character dance that makes God cry!" Yup. Not unlike my four-year-olds at all.

5. Doing Horton after a two-week break is equivalent to being run over by a truck, at least in terms of how you will feel the next day.

6. I've been having dreams about Paul Taylor's 'Danbury Mix' lately.

7. I've also been craving a David Grenke class like nobody's business. Darn you Mr. Grenke, why must you teach your kick-ass modern classes in places that aren't Houston?

8. I think those are signs that I need to go back to the Taylor intensive.

9. Seriously. This summer, I will sell my internal organs for drug money in Cabo to go to that thing.

10. Rehearsals with The Company start back on Tuesday. Yeah!

11. There are two studios that are within five blocks of my condo, and there's a big crowd of us "regulars" who you'll always see in morning class at one of the two places (HB Monday and Friday, HC Tuesday through Thursday. We split it up on Saturday, depending on who is teaching and what time we wake up). The first class back was like a reunion-- everybody getting caught up after two weeks of being away from the barre.

12. I took class from Jeanne Doornbos my first day back, and BOY it was fun.

13. Hey, Democrats-- ten more days! WOOOOT!

14. Choreographing the Caterpillar scene from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is WAY more challenging than I thought.

15. I am about to have the most incredibly intense and dance-filled weekend ever. I should probably go prepare for it all. Or at least, you know, shower. Have a great weekend, y'all!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the Horton class. I get back in a week and I'm already afraid.

Selly said...

"5. Doing Horton after a two-week break is equivalent to being run over by a truck, at least in terms of how you will feel the next day."

Umm, yes. Very very much in agreement with this. So yeah.


lucius said...

Wanted to say that on your BSS article, "How an inside joke about my future autobiography got out of hand and resulted in pets" is brilliant. i dunno why but i laughed mad hard at that whole piece. maybe cause it's true? and, why don't we allow comments on BSS again?

also, i def. just realized I could have put this on your facebook instead. durrhuurp