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Monday, December 29, 2008

Talk amongst yourselves: I'm not here

I'm about to leave for Austin, Texas in a few hours. I'll be back on Friday, but here are some sites that will keep you occupied until I get back.

1. The Bloggess. This is written by a gal from Houston. I repeat: FROM. HOUSTON. I was not aware that Houston was capable of housing such incredibly awesome and hilarious people, so I'm giddy at the fact that the best freakin' blogger in the universe lives in the same city as me. She is a mom, but I wouldn't call hers a "Mommy Blog." It's more of a "anything in life that is funny/absurd/interesting" blog. Read her stuff. Have an awesomegasm. Laugh. Die laughing. Repeat. Seriously. She deserves the fame (and fortune) of certain super-overrated bloggers whom I still refuse to link to.
2. Musings of a Barefoot Foodie. Comes in at a really, really close second to The Bloggess as Best Blogger In The Freaking Universe. No lie, I once burned off a full hour-- an hour in which I should have been choreographing Sacre-- reading her blog and laughing my little booty off. She's funny, she cooks, she shares her recipes and funny stories about her two little boys and her little girl-in-the-making. If you're gonna read a mommy blog (or a food blog), she's the ultimate.
3. The Wind In Your Vagina. If the title doesn't catch your attention, the fact that it's written by a guy called "Black Hockey Jesus" will. If Barefoot Foodie is the ultimate Mommy Blogger, BHJ is the ultimate Daddy Blogger. He's got an interesting relationship with reality [of somewhat debateable functionality], an incredible writing style, and admirable versatility-- he goes from humor and sacrcasm to thoughtful reflections and deep-seated metaphors in the blink of an eye (or in this case, the blink of a post). And if you're a blogger, and you get hurt doing something dumb, he'll make a kick-ass video-- of him doing the same thing that injured you-- just to prove his level of Awesome (which I may or may not predict two days in advance). When I popped my knee out a few weeks ago doing a triple pirouette, I was hoping that the bright side would be a BHJ video-taunt-- you know, him doing a bunch of a la seconde turns, ending with a quintuple pirouette. Still waiting on that one.

They aren't dance blogs, because-- this is vacation time! Next time I blow town (for my dance ensemble's second mini-tour, yay yay yay), though, I'll leave you with my list of top dance bloggers.

I won't be at my computer all week, but please feel free to leave me lovely blog comments, send me tweets, and facebook me while I'm away. In fact, do. I mean, I just linked you to blogging gold; the least you could do is leave me a little blog comment here or there. I'm out, see ya, behave, have fun, be safe. Hopefully my partner-in-crime and I won't be arrested, and I'll return with tales of spontaneous dance-and-movie making. Adios!


lucius said...

What? You didn't mention ME? I hate you.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are awesome and totally made me blush.

And you live in Houston!

You have to come to the next Houston bloggers meeting. It's a moral imperative.