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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Restless Leg Syndrome

Dear Legs,

You seriously need to chill out. You’ve had your fun for the day—we danced for a grand total of seven hours, plus you got to go for a run on the treadmill. The rest of us here are tired, and you and your buddies Feet are keeping us awake because you refuse to settle down.

Allow me to remind you two that you’ve had more than your share of activity in the last few weeks—more than anybody else, in fact. I’m sure Hands wanted to do more writing today; but they quietly gave it up so that you guys could carry us through an extra rehearsal. You don’t see THEM shaking and twirling around with Wrists and making Fingers twitch all over the place.

I don’t even want to finish this letter, because I’m tired—no, I’m exhausted; we all are. We’re done dancing for the day. We kindly ask that you follow suit so we can all get some damn sleep.

And if you don’t, I’m sending Hands down there with a tire iron. You might want to warn Shins.



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