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Friday, November 7, 2008

Online, on dance: Dance forums

There's a place for everything on the internet, including dancers and dance enthusiasts of every flavor. Dance Advantage recently tackled the topic, unveiling Dance Advantage Interactive and a long list of dance websites. Since I've always been a friend of forums, I decided to go ahead and list my favorite dance message boards.

For the hard-core bunheads, my favorite is Ballet Talk for Dancers-- a message board system centering around classical ballet education and careers. Board topics include (since I happen to have BTfD open in another tab) Younger Dancers (between ages 13 and 22), Teachers, Adult students, Male dancers, Teachers, Professional dancers, Administrators, Ballet parents, Parents of boys, Companies, Trainee/Second Companies, and pre-professional ballet schools/university programs. There is also an EXTENSIVE extensive section for Ballet Summer Intensives that includes possibly every Ballet SI known to man in this universe (There are 277 topics on the SI board, one which is 20 pages long!). To trip the light fantastic, BTfD is moderated by some of the best ballet teachers in the country, including Victoria Leigh (former ABT dancer/Washington School of Ballet teacher), Victoria Schneider (Resident faculty at the Harid Conservatory), and Mel Johnson (former Joffrey dancer/secretary to Robert Joffrey himself). In other words, if you can't find an answer to a ballet question here, you won't find it anywhere.

Another excellent forum is, which recently changed ownership and is now owned by Dancer Universe. It has a bevy of useful articles on the main site (the majority are dated 1997 - 2000 but excellent nonetheless), however DanceArt's most popular function is the ShoutOut! Message Boards. ShoutOut! offers separate boards for various disciplines and dance-related issues (Male dancers, Body Image, et al); as well as private boards for Teachers, Studio Owners, and arts administrators. Members of private boards must submit an application and be voted in by current members. There is also an off-topic board for political issues called Mind Benders, which was the busiest of the sixty-some boards in the months leading up to the election. (also known as DDN) is a giantic dance message board system for every type of dance you can imagine. It is primarily frequented by students (teens and collegiate dancers), but it also has forums for dance professionals such as teachers, studio owners, and performers. I encourage teachers and dance professionals to visit this site and share their wisdom and expertise with all the young dancers!
DDN users can also post images (one of the things that initially drew me to site some seven years ago), and there is a -big- section of the site specifically for dance auditions and dance-related jobs. It's an extremely useful feature - their Dance Jobs forum is how I ended up teaching at my current studio, and now I wouldn't teach anywhere else.

Did I miss an excellent forum? Tell me! I'll check it out and add it here.

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Anonymous said...

The stupidness in DDN rivals 4chan. It's like /b/ in a tutu.

Ballet Talk is awesome though.

M. Butterfly said...

haha, AGREED.

Selly said...

Ballet Talk is AMAZING I tell you. DDN is mostly little children running around in spankies screaming in netspeak.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I missed this post the first time around somehow, but I appreciate the nod! I too think BalletTalk has awesome and reliable info. I also enjoy Dancer Universe but I don't use their forum much, sticking to the blog articles. DDN is a huge community, and there are some folks there that post wonderful information, however not all the advice is reliable for reasons that others have touched upon.

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Anonymous said...

Interesante, no va a continuar con este artнculo?


Anonymous said...

De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)