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Saturday, November 8, 2008

You choreographed WHAT?

Dance is art. Art is objective. When it comes to objective things, I try to keep an open mind...but once in a while I can't help but say "WHAT?" These are my reactions to some of those times (though I will never identify what it is I'm reacting to-- use your imagination. More fun that way).

You called that a "classical variation," [performed by women] but anyone can tell that it ain't Petipa, it ain't Ashton and it sure as shit ain't Folkine. And aside from that, I don't know of one "classical variation" out there that involves a switch leap, a layout, and a toe touch into a front split. The only thing "classical" about this is the music. Randomly throwing a glissade-jete-brise-pas de bouree in the middle of the choreography does not a ballet make, sorry. Next time you want to make a jazz dance to classical music, just save us all some face-palming and Jazz To Classical Music. Or call it Not A Classical Variation. Don't mislead your audience, dear; we get pissy when you do that.

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