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Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Butterfly, where have you been all week?"

Monday: Early meeting. Rehearsal. Studio.
Tuesday: Group warm-up. Rehearsal. Studio.
Wednesday: Class. Rehearsal. Studio.
Today: Class. Rehearsal. About to go to, you guessed it, the studio.

Now you see why there hasn't been a lengthy and well-thought-out post in a couple of days. Well, that, and my internet at home has been down.

Yesterday we tried on costumes for Saturday's performance. Costuming me is typically an amusing event, because I'm very petite and everything is always big on me. This time, it went pretty smoothly, and there was only one ballet that involved me trying on multiple variations before finding a costume that fit. Yay! After that, I went to the studio and taught the longest I've ever taught in one night: five and a half hours straight (you veteran teachers out there are probably smirking at me, but until last night I've never taught more than 4.5 hours in one go. Call me a rookie if you will). It was fun! Tiring....but fun.

I'd say more, but I'm headed off to the studio (ballet and jazz tonight). Tomorrow I'll tell you about the ballets I'm dancing right now.

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