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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Butterfly Goes To College

I'm here at the University of California at Davis for the next two weeks, attending the Paul Taylor West Coast Intensive.
I attended the NYC Intensive in 2004 and had the best experience of my life. For four years I've been itching to go back, and this year I finally decided that it needed to happen one way or another (the intensives are offered in three cities, which indulges my current apathy towards New York City).
After a two thousand- mile flight, a forty-five minute cab ride and a fair amount of time trying to find my way around campus, I'm sitting here on a bench outside, enjoying the breeze and the sunset and mentally preparing myself to get my ass brutally kicked and then handed to me. First Days usually release some butterflies into my stomach-- especially when in the context of an intensive program like this one-- but at the same time I'm excited. Moving my body into this beautiful and athletic style of movement, having the opportunity to learn a bit of repertoire from my all-time favorite company....oh, for God's sake, it's the PAUL TAYLOR intensive, and that name says it all. David Grenke and Joao Mauricio, who taught at the intensive I attended four years ago, are teaching at this program. I wish I could communicate exactly how awesome this is, but jet lag and two days without sleep are draining my vocabulary.
I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to post about the intensive, if I'm not too worn out from all the Awesome that's going to be taking place in the studios here. For now, I'm off to rest up for tomorrow.

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