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Thursday, May 8, 2008

T-Minus two days

Am I a dork if my new ringtone is the finale music from the story ballet? Yes? Ah, well, that's okay.

Final run-through of the story ballet was Tuesday; run-through of other dances was last night. Yesterday the girl who plays the protagonist in the ballet (and is great in it, I may add) and her mother pulled me aside to thank me for the story ballet because it was so much fun. I had to say that it was just as much fun for me-- I started planning it last August, as soon as it was decided on, and it's been my baby ever since. I realized last week that I've never felt this excited about a recital before. Not to say that I've ever "dreaded" recitals-- but it was more of nervous anticipation than "ZOMG YAY TWO DAYS I CAN'T WAIT YAY YAY YAY." I can chalk it up to a combination of having a strong connection to the material itself (the story/book/film it was based on) and having an excellent cast/production team that has been above and beyond amazing to work with.

As usual, there's more to say but no time to say it-- I've got class, rehearsal, another rehearsal, a photo shoot, and somewhere in there I've got to finish cleaning and doing laundry because my mother is flying in tonight. It's her second time coming to Houston (she flew down in December when I did Amahl and the Night Visitors); she'll see the show and spend Mother's Day Texas style (I'm still not sure what exactly Texan-style Mama's day entails, but I guess I'll find out). Until next time....


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