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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's May. Yes, yes it is.

In (yikes) four days is the big studio recital and story ballet. It is followed six days later by the little recital for my Montessori ballerinas; the two days immediately following that we [the company I dance for] are performing in conjunction with another dance company. Thirteen days later (wow, a little break there), the company has The Big Show, the tenth anniversary show at the Miller. And there's at least three things in there I haven't mentioned, because you pretty much get it-- it's That Time of Year.

I honestly never expected to be having so much fun with the usual craziness of May (last year I was pulling my hair out). I'm having a great time working with the kids at the studio and getting the story ballet all together. I'm going to be kind of sad when it's over, because A) the creative process with the story ballet was unbelievably fun, and B) it's just been a great season all around over there.

The other Big One is the 10th anniversary concert at the end of May. It is going to be hands- down, amazing. While it'll be [already is] a great experience, it's also a big challenge for me. Two of the roles that I'm dancing were previously performed by a ballet teacher of minw who prior to that was a ten- year principal at Cincinnati Ballet. While I feel extremely honored to be trusted with those roles, I know that I have a hard act to follow. [buckles down, pulls up bootstraps ]

I'm off to stretch, finish sewing my pointe shoes, go to class, rehearse, pick up a few more costume/makeup supplies, write out my cue sheets, and go over my notes before the run-through of the story ballet. Until next time,here's your moment of Zen:

"Nobody gets laid until we finish our movie. We're horny, but our film comes first!"
~ Cecil B. Demented

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