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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week One: Digging Out

Okay, so! We're one week in. How are things going?

To start: Not easy. I etched out the beginning-beginning stages of a few dances, but not much else. Bemoaned lack of creative activity in my brain-- you know, the usual.

After this weekend: A little better. Ideas are finally rolling, I'm building up steam, figuring out choreography and blocking and all that good stuff. And then realized I am going to be spending a lot of quality time with music-editing software this semester.

See, with a children's spring concert, you have certain limits on how long you can make each piece; due to consideration of the overall length of the show/the age of the dancers/the attention span of your target audience. I knew this/have known this since I started choreographing whoevenknowshow long ago. I just picked out the music that spoke to me and said "It's okay, I'll just edit it down later."

Ha. HAAAAAAA. I need to edit all but two of my pieces-- and they aren't simple cuts/fade-outs, I have to do some splicing and dicing and other Things I Have Never Been All That Great At. I was starting to wonder if I could have possibly been more retarded when I made my music choices...but then I realized, you know what? I know I can make dances to these pieces, even if the start-off is slow. If I know that I can eventually get a good dance out of it, I will happily stare at NeoWaveSoundEditSpliceProMusicBoard v. 2.0 for as many hours as necessarily. So there.

It's been a slow start, but I'm feeling optimistic. I've gotten some phrases nailed down for this week, and a few more ideas I want to pitch to my boss tomorrow. I hit a pretty big slump, but I'm digging out of it, one way or another.

P.S. Look, folks, I know things have been pretty slow around here for the last couple of weeks. I'm sorry, okay? It's just that....well, there hasn't been a whole lot going on. But that's all about to change-- rehearsals start up soon-- and performances soon thereafter-- and then I shall have plen-ty to tell you about. So just hang tight-- the fun will begin soon enough!

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