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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Threat Down: The Dance Edition

If you're anything like me, you're all too familiar with The Colbert Report. And, if you're anything like me.... there are many little aspects of your dance life that annoy you to no end and eventually "threaten" your sanity. In grand tradition of merging those two concepts, I now bring you:

THREAT NUMBER FIVE: People who refer to a grande jete entrelace as a "grande jete en tourant." Those are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS, people.

THREAT NUMBER FOUR: People who costume their ballet pieces in pink tutus, pink pointe shoes, and....tan tights. Because really.....DEAR GOD, WHY?

THREAT NUMBER THREE: Stage parents. Now, I'm not talking about the parents who show an active and encouraging interest in their child's dance training; I'm talking about the kind who push their kids so far and so hard that their kids are having anxiety attacks over their "dance career" at the age of five. GAH.

THREAT NUMBER TWO: Dance Partners who don't shower. 'Nuff said.


**Dancers, I plan to do a couple of these. Something bothering you? Send me your rants at MButterfly [at] Notesfromupstageleft [dot] com. You will be credited and (if applicable) linked. Give me your angry, your annoyed, and your huddled, threatened masses aching to rant!

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*b@llet* said...

True true!!! This one isnt pointed directly at dancers but just people in general. I strongly dislike it when people think they are "so sore" from a 1 mile run. I don't think they even can come close to the meaning of sore. Seriously after the first week of a summer intensive those individuals would literally die.
Also to the people (during the school year) who don't know how to manage time and consider their afternoons "busy" with a 30 minute piano practice. I go to school full time, spend atleast 3 hours every day at the studio and still have time to do my homework and get to bed by a reasonable time!
Anywho... I really love reading your blog! Come check out mine its...
Tutu for now!