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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prepare for Landing: A Visitor in Upstage Left
As you know, Mama Butterfly comes to visit me tomorrow. This is her third visit to Houston, and all three times have been dance-related: Amahl and the Night Visitors, The Wizard Ballet, and now for Alice. I'm knee-deep in getting ready: Cleaning, decorating, re-decorating, re-arranging, organizing, more cleaning, and laundry. Oh my hell, the laundry. It's that time of year where dancers can expect to go through at least two to three changes of clothes a day (Dance + Houston summer = MUCH SWEATING).

I've moved twice since the last time she was here (Twice. Twice! WTF?); so I'm excited for Mama B to see the Awesome House and to meet Ochi, the amazing painter and all-around wonderful person I now live with. My little bachelorette apartment in Montrose was cute 'n' all, but doesn't hold a candle to a two-story brick house on the Boulevard (especially when said house is inhabited by cool artsy folks).

In addition to my recent move, my best friend's house is in the process of being remodeled. He wanted to get all the artwork back on the walls before my mom comes to visit, so we worked on that tonight. This dude's house is an art/antique museum, y'all. I saw (and handled) so much cool art and neat antiques last night, it was unbeliveable.

Anyway, my office is clean, my bedroom is organized, and that's left is the [metric ton of] laundry. We're ready for dance guest to come to town. In 24 hours, I will see my mother for the first time in half a year. and in seventy-two hours, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland will have opened, closed, and on its way to the Notes From Upstage Left Hall Of Fame.

Here. We. Go!

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