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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dancers: Laughing in the Face of Blisters.

Conversation that took place a few minutes ago, while taking a walk with a friend:

Me: Huh, my new shoes are starting to give me a blister on one foot.
Friend: I have socks on. Ya want 'em?
Me: Nah.
Friend: There's a bench over there. We can totally switch. Not a problem.
Me: Naw, that's okay.
Friend: You sure?
Me: Yup.
Friend: I just don't want your feet to get all jacked up.
Me: Um...
Me: ...Did I ever show you that one picture of my feet from last seaso--
Friend: Nevermind. I get it now. You're cool.
Me: Yeah. One blister is nothing.

1 comment:

Selly said...

Three bruised toenails, a blister, and a massive hole of raw flesh? Oh, the joys of ballet.